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Deconstructing Dinner with Jon Steinman

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Screening Thursday February 6, 2014. The Deconstructing Dinner series and a talk with writer and producer Jon Steinman will open the spring season of the Green Film Series on Thursday, February 6 at the Gibsons Heritage Playhouse. The documentary film series invites us to rediscover food in our communities and our kitchens. The series explores and deconstructs six popular foods; three of them, Wheat, Eggs and Garlic will be shown at this Green Film Series event.


 garlic: one of the episodes presented at 'Deconstructing Dinner', February 6, 2014 in Gibsons BC


Deconstructing Dinner began as a weekly radio talk show and podcast in 2006. Steinman created the series after working in resturants and as a food journalist. The popular show ended in 2010 but has been resurrected as a documentary television series with James Beard Award winning filmmaker Declan O'Driscoll.

Food has fueled and propelled humans throughout our evolution. The story of food is our story. But, where we once enjoyed an intimate, tactile, nourishing and soulful relationship with food, we are now largely disconnected from it and oblivious to its source. Deconstructing Dinner: Reconstructing Our Food System aims to change this. Steinman collaborates with chefs, farmers, scientists and backyard gardeners to explore these foods. Where to they come from? How are they processed? And how can we grow them sustainably?

Through its documentary series, its informative webisodes, and an interactive web site, Deconstructing Dinner invites us to rediscover food – in our kitchens, our communities, and through one of our most precious assets… our sense of taste.

This event is produced by Rhizome Up! Media CCC Ltd. in community partnership with the One Straw Society.

GUEST: Jon Steinman

Jon Steinman presents "Deconstructing Dinner: Restructuring Our Food System" as part of this film event.  Chris Hergesheimer, Food Systems Network Coordinator for the One Straw Society, will join Jon Steinman and moderate the discussion following . More info about Jon Steinman.

Listen online to an Interview with Jon Steinman on 91.7CoastFM, by Sean Eckberg.



Most eggs look identical to one another, leaving us high-ly dependent on the egg carton to differentiate between the supermarket's many options. In an effor toe xamin the claims found on the label, Jon Steinman comes across some startling and unexpected truths, and becomes motivated to seek out alternatives to store-bought eggs. Featuring Chef Blain Wetzel of The Willows Inn.  Deconstructing Dinner Eggs Teaser


Research is demonstrating how one of our most important staple foods has been losing its nutritional value and flavour for decades. Breeders, farmers, bakers, chefs and eaters are now coming together to reverse this trend and cultivate local wheat economies. Featuring Chef John Sundstrom of Lark. Deconstructing Dinner Wheat Teaser.


Half of the garlic consumed in North America is grown in China and of the garlic grown here, over 90% comes from California. How does this reliance on imported garlic and centralized production impact local economies, farmers and food culture? Garlic is a symbolic marker of how we can all inspire more vibrant food culture in our communities. Featuring Chef Michael Anthony of Gramercy Tavern. Deconstructing Dinner Garlic Teaser .